“I always knew Costa Rica had low prices for plastic surgery, now with a 30% discount it finally makes my surgery affordable….”  R.C.  Elizabeth, NJ

“Wow, a vacation in Costa Rica along with a tummy tuck?  I can’t pass this up….”  B.T.  Arlington, TX

“For anyone considering plastic surgery, I can tell you it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life….”  L.R.  Charlottesville, VA

“The cost was extremely low and I would never have been able to afford it here in L.A….”  P.S.  Los Angeles, CA 

“My girlfriend and I had body procedures and everything was wonderful.  We are both thrilled with the results….”  C.M.  Miami, FL

“I live on the East Coast and it was only a very short hop to San José.  The city is beautiful and the doctors superb….”  T.A.  Raleigh, NC

“My tummy tuck would have cost 3 times more than Frontline if I had it done here.  The trip and surgery was fantastic.….”  M.E.  San Francisco, CA

“The doctors and accommodations were amazing.  The whole experience was wonderful….”  W.J.  Raleigh, NC

“Sightseeing and tours in Costa Rica are the most amazing anywhere in the world.  I loved my medical vacation.….”  A.S.  Mobile, AL

“I saved half of what it costs here for the same breast lift in Costa Rica.  Frontline made my new makeover possible.….”  V.R.  Las Vegas, NV

“My friend told me about Frontline Plastic Surgery and four of us from our department had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica for plastic surgery.  A great vacation!.   .….”  F.G.  Silver Spring, MD

“I had a facelift, neck lift and eyelid lift at 1/3 of the price here in Houston.  Fantastic experience, beautiful job, and super vacation.….”  B.T.  Houston, TX

“The doctors, nurses and medical team were amazing.  I returned home looking 15 years younger.  I am so happy with the Frontline experience.….”  J.L.  Chicago, IL 

“The surgery went perfectly and I especially liked the excellent care given to me by the staff of the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn.  Kudos!.….”  Y.S.  St. Louis, MO

“I had a fully body liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift, and I came back home looking amazing.  Thank you, Frontline, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.….”  C.D.  Charleston, SC

“The results of my mommy makeover were absolutely perfect.  I feel so good about the new me.  I highly recommend Frontline for savings and a great trip to Costa Rica.….”  S.L.  New York, NY 

“Now, 6 weeks later, my new body is just remarkable.  The new slimmer me has appeared and I love looking in the mirror as it trims down day by day.….”  P.K.  Terra Haute, IN

“The experience with Frontline and all of the wonderful doctors and nurses in Costa Rica was the greatest ever.  Wonderful surgery, terrific sightseeing, super medical vacation.….”  D.M.  Cleveland, OH