FLPS Provisions And Requisites

Provisions and Requisites

Important Information, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer (applies to all Frontline Plastic Surgery rates and services).

Prices or price quotes, whether package or individual non-package, as quoted in our emails, our web pages or otherwise, do not include additional physician costs caused by emergencies, medical complications, added procedures or extended hospital stays.  Price quotes are as accurate as possible, but should still be considered to be general in nature.  It is based upon information you have provided us and the doctor’s brief review of your medical questionnaire and photos if provided, but may change after medical tests, a personal examination, evaluation, doctor’s advice, changes of procedures, or other patient services.  Subject to the foregoing exclusions and other stipulations that may be contained herein, prices include the costs of surgery, the doctor’s fees, hospital or surgery room fees related to the surgery, medical supplies related to the surgery, anesthesiologist’s fees and all follow-up appointments.  Lab tests, pre-op workup, post-op medications and any garments needed are extra. 

Price quotes do not include post-operative lodging accommodations or airfare.  All prices are “net”, with no further discounts. In the case of a medical emergency you should be prepared for additional costs should hospitalization or other emergency medical treatment be required.  Some patients may need certain medicines that are required and prescribed by a Cardiologist i.e. Clexane or similar, and if needed the cost is extra.  For eyelid surgeries, some patients may need prescribed eyedrops, and if so the cost is extra.  For some patients i.e. those having multiple procedures or a medical condition that requires it, a blood transfusion may be required, and if so the cost is extra. In the event of any medical complications requiring special or specific antibiotics not normally in the surgery center, the cost is extra. 

Following surgery, patients are released to the care of the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn nursing staff.  Some surgeries may require a scheduled overnight stay at the surgery center, and if so, the cost is included in the price quote.  All prices and services whether in our emails or website are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.  If coming without a firm advance price quote from our doctors, you may send some photos and a medical questionnaire form our web site and a quote will be prepared for you.  Offers of financing, rates, payments and other details are not guaranteed and are subject to approval by the respective banks.  Please note:  doctors may sometimes prescribe therapeutic massages for liposuction patients.  If so, please count on an extra charge depending on the type, frequency and location of the massages.  There is no way to know in advance what the doctor’s prescription will be.  Any prescribed medical massages or therapeutic procedures and transportation to sessions are not included in any individual prices or packages. The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn has licensed masseuses and no transportation will be necessary to sessions, so please ask the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn to help you with this after you receive the doctor’s prescription or advice. 

Terms and conditions of deposits:  If a deposit is made, it is for the purpose of guaranteeing that you will be here for your surgery.  Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances.  There are no sales taxes for physician services or hospital fees.  Information received from Frontline Plastic surgery, www.frontlineplasticsurgery.com, should not be relied on for medical advice.  We assist doctors only as patient coordinators and facilitate answers to questions and arrange appointments between doctors and patients.  We are not responsible for errors or omissions.  Prices quoted in emails and websites are U.S. dollars and are for advertisement purposes only.  Final prices are determined by the doctor and patient together based upon a personal consultation, exam, lab tests and other patient services.  All plastic surgeons in Costa Rica are certified by the Asociacion Costarricense de Cirugía Plástica, Reconstructiva y Estética (ACCPRE) and the Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica (CMCCR).  Doctors may also be board certified in the U.S.  The term Board Certified or Board Certification as used by Frontline Plastic Surgery, www.frontlineplasticsurgery.com, means certified in Costa Rica.