FLPS Paying for Surgery

Paying for Surgery

A deposit is not needed for surgeons.  A $500 hospital deposit is needed to reserve the OR, anesthesiologist and surgical team.  You may pay the balance at your pre-surgery consultation.  Please note: we cannot secure the OR and surgical team without the deposit, so please send as soon as possible.

PayPalMe is the most convenient way to make the deposit.  It takes less than 3 minutes from your computer.

You do not need to create a formal account with PayPal, it is very easy to use.  You may also use your credit card.

Please click on this link:  PayPal.Me/MedGroupCR

(the link defaults to https://www.paypal.me/medgroupcr , Isabella Saaguck International, S.A.)

  1. To send $500, PayPal charges $29.54 (PayPal’s fees).  Please replace the “$0.00” with $529.54 (if paying in Canadian dollars, please go here to convert $529.54 to Canadian dollars or here to convert $529.54 to any other currency).
  2. Under the amount, select the currency.
  3. Select “Next”.
  4. If you already have a PayPal account, please sign in with your email address (top line) and password (2nd line). or, choose “Sign Up” and quickly create an account if you do not have one.
  5. Follow the instructions and you will receive a confirmation of payment from PayPal.
  6. The PayPal system automatically generates a receipt to us and we will send you a confirmation.

Please keep in mind the hospital is holding the OR for 5 business days per our request, but will not allow scheduling of the OR, anesthesiologist or surgery team without the $529.54 deposit, so please take a moment and use the PayPal method above so your surgery can be firmly scheduled.

Here is the rest of the information regarding paying the balance at your pre-surgery consultation:

Credit card processing in Costa Rica is very high, ranging up to 10%, so the prices offered are cash-discounted.  However, if you wish payments on your credit card, you may easily get a cash advance on your card at your own local bank, and bring travelers checks or make a free transfer to the doctors’ account using Zelle, or make a free direct deposit into the doctors’ Bank of America account, or you may make a wire transfer.  In all cases, you can use your credit card either online or at your bank for any of the above and there is no need to carry large amounts of money. 

Different ways of paying the balance.

As an option, payment of the balance can be made at your pre-surgery consultation by cash (as explained in the paragraph above).  Other than bringing cash for your balance (after your deposit), you have three other options:  1). wire transfer, 2). direct deposit into the doctor’s Bank of America account (you may go to any local BOA branch to do so), 3).  Zelle (an interbank transfer service to the doctor’s account with no fees).  Details will be sent to you.

Travelers checks.

It is our understanding that it is difficult to find a bank that issues travelers checks, or one that accepts them here, so we do not have current information available.

Wire transfer.

Details will be sent to you.

Paying by cash.

If you wish to bring cash, you may bring up to $10,000 in cash undeclared to Costa Rica, or unlimited higher amounts by simply declaring it on the Customs form (state that the money is for medical purposes). 

Protection of your currency and valuables.

The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn provides an in-room safe for currency and valuables, and the safe is large enough for IPads and cellphones.


If you were planning on using ATMs for withdrawals of large amounts of money, it is not a very good option because most ATMs limit cash withdrawals to $500 a day.

Credit Cards – Monthly payments

Many patients who wish the convenience of monthly payments on their credit cards simply get a cash advance on their card at their own bank at home.  This is easy, convenient, incurs no transaction fees, and avoids any problems with the bank’s anti-fraud software blocking transactions when traveling outside the country. 

Raising your credit card limit for plastic surgery.

Banks routinely raise the credit limit for cardholders for plastic surgery.  Usually it can be done conveniently online. 

Please write if any questions.  Thank you.